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Play, Learn and Earn tokens in a NFT-powered metaverse.

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Children are accompanied by their customized Dreambies, who they will travel far and wide, exploring the depths of Dreamverse together!
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DREAMY is dreamverse currency being used for purchase or rental of NFT assets or physical assets at the theme park. OXY is the rewards token incentivises adults or kids to play or learn and can be converted to DREAMY when use.
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Children are invited to bring along their most favorite toy to the theme park. By way of 3D scanning technology and A.I., their toys will be transformed into one of Dreambie’s trio. Children will then have their own unique adventure companion (Dreambie) to explore Dreamverse together!
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Child players own the Noah planets, where their Dreambies live. They gain OXY through gaming and learning. And OXY can then be used to beautify and enhance the Noah planet.
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Dreamy Edventure is an immersive and interactive theme park that combines STEAM learning and gaming experience, encourages learning through play! Every checkpoint is formulated according to a specific learning topic. Children gain invaluable knowledge and cryptocurrency OXY through play and cultivate their creativity, logical thinking and problem-solving skills.
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  • First Batch of DE land sale on Dreamverse

  • Join Dreamverse Marketplace

  • Staking Rewards launch

  • Theme Park construction begins

  • NFT Game Items 1st drops

  • Join Dreamverse Exchange

  • NFT Game Items 2nd drops

  • Theme Park trial run

  • DE on Dreamverse Update

  • Theme Park launch

  • App Launch

  • Join DreamverseDAO

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Immersive One
Founding Team

Immersive One is a join-venture formed by a leading multidisciplinary team specialised in gaming, creative media technology and blockchain technology with track records in blockchain, VR/AR/MR, projection mapping and theme park innovation. Recently, the team has launched a STEAMhub for a theme park in Hong Kong.

our founder
AIR Concepts
Creator and Lead

Founded in 2015, AIR operates in Asia to deliver projects of films, digital, games, experiential, VR/AR and theme park innovation globally. With a group of talents in blockchain, creative, experiential, interactive technology and IoT, AIR continually work collaboratively to create content, advertising, utility and gaming.

our founder
Many Many Creations
Content partner

Founded in 2005 with in-house CGI animation expertise, ManyMany Creations delivered 500+ projects as creative technology consultant and large-scale content production in APAC region and UK. From TVC VFX to new media interactive production, our integrated expertise in visual design and technology enable us to work with first class projects with international enterprise like luxury brands, banks, theme parks, real-estate property enterprises, retailers, and many who needed top notch delivery, service, and scale.

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No. Cryptocurrency wallet is not a must. If you are interested to join the DeFi application, like purchasing different Game Item NFTs or get a OXY Planet, you need a cryptocurrency wallet to make a transaction. However, we support payment from credit card and cryptocurrency.

DREAMY is cross-chain fungible token, also the currency of Dreamverse used to purchase NFTs and physical goods.

OXY is the in-game rewarding currency not for purchase.
Miners can mine OXY from their Dreamverse.
Child player can earn OXY from playing games at theme park or learning at home.

The first theme park is planned to open in Q4, 2022. In the meantime, we will keep updating on Dreamverse such as releasing NFTs. Please follow our Social Media to keep posted on our progress.

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